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Christiansted, St Croix 00824, USVI




St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home. is by far the best resort ever created. The location, views, customer services and amenities are unbeatable! I will definitely be back!"

– Ayden Johnson


“I love this place: great location, fantastic food, and outstanding customer service. I will definitely recommend St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home. to my friends and family.”

–  Liam Ansley


“I just left St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home. and already want to go back! The resort is spectacular and welcoming — the perfect retreat for me and my family. Thanks for the wonderful vacation, St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home.."

– Keith Gates



-- Barry Level, Acme Enterprises
I'm afraid of heights, but that didn't stop Brick from designing a fantastic single-story space for our real estate firm.
-- Sophia Phobia, Main Street Realty

DESTINATION Resort and spa

St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home. got its start in 1998 when a young couple, named Dianna and Harry, decided to rent out their spare bedroom to tourists. Their exclusive location and sincere customer service was all anyone could talk about. Soon, word-of-mouth recommendations took off and business was booming!


In just 6 years, the Dianna and Harry built 13 bungalows business was great, but overwhelming. The couple decided to sell their property to hotel mogul Ricky Rick, who promised to turn the location into a private resort that protected the natural environment surrounding the property. Ricky kept his promise and since 2010, 100,000+ guests have enjoyed their stay at St Croix Beachfront vacation rental home..